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About Threading

Threading is an ancient technique of removing hair using cotton threads. One of the most prominent use of threading is in the practice of Eyebrow Threading, the use of threading to remove eyebrow hair. Removing unwanted hair is one of the most common practice in attaining an ideal appearance. A major focus for many is the removal of unwanted facial hair. The eye is such an important feature in one's facial appearance and one of the major thing we can control is how our eyebrow complement our eyes. The practice of eyebrow shaping, by removing unwanted eyebrow hair, has a long history in Asia and the Middle East. The most popular method to do this is threading.

This process works by removing hair using cotton threads, specifically by holding two strands, twisting and rolling the strands several times, and forming an X with the center of intersection gripping the hair strand and pulling it from the root. In this way hair can effectively be removed row by row. This process will ensure that the hair will not re-grow immediately. There are many advantages of threading hair, such as it is very convenient, non-messy, and less time consuming, compared to any other methods like waxing and creams. This method is also much easier on the skin, something especially important if you have sensitive skin. Threading works effectively for all body hair. However, it's the practice of eyebrow threading that's garnered much of the recent public attention.